We often hear about someone outside from an industry turning it on its head.  This time it took someone from deep inside.  Our founder – Sean Pathiratne – has been manufacturing luxury furniture for many of the world’s leading retailers for almost thirty years.  At the same time he realized that something was desperately missing.

Think about it .  We spend most of our time every day sitting on, or resting in – or sleeping on – furniture.

But even though we’ve grown used to the objects in our lives being responsive to us and our needs, our furniture doesn’t react at all. That’s why Sean created not just Coddle, but the whole idea of “Responsive Living” behind it. It starts with our couch.  It moves and morphs to fit your every need and position.  We believe comfort is the ultimate luxury.

And take our mattress.  It works on its own to Coddle you. While you’re sleeping, it reads your position and adjusts accordingly. You’ll wake up refreshed.  In fact, Coddle is waking up the whole world of furniture to the idea of “Responsive Living.” What’s more – Coddle isn’t just responsive.  It’s responsible.  Whenever possible we use sustainable materials so that everyone on the planet can sleep better, too.

It’s the end of furniture that ignores you.  And the beginning of furniture that pays attention to your every move.

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