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  • 100 Mornings trial
  • free delivery
  • Flexible financing

Love the sleep you’re in.

The Mindful Mattress for the Sleep the World Needs

Our Coddle 11” double-sided mattress is continually aware of you and your environment, and responds with the balance that deep rest requires. Body temperature, room temperature, your anatomy and the force of gravity are all taken into account. This is true innovation, not a me-too mattress.

The Cool Mattress

Coddle is never too hot or cold. It’s always ‘just right’. Advanced materials technology and our exclusive air –flow channels guarantee you will never over-heat or feel suddenly cold, no matter what the ambient temperature.

Zero Gravity

3 individual support zones with hundreds of individual active-pressure nodes to gently support every part of your body. We respond to your unique anatomy, because every body is different. Mindful of the force of physics and achieves unprecedented balance.

A True Double-Sided Mattress

You need the perfect balance between firmness and softness. Hence a double-sided mattress with one slightly softer side and one slightly firmer side combined with a unique dual-support core to create balanced support. ‘Flipping’ can also mean extending its life to 50% longer than other mattresses.

Luxury Materials and Practical Design

The beautiful Belgian fabric cover easily zips off and is machine washable. And, of course, the mattress is vacuum-sealed and delivered in a convenient box, so it’s super easy to un-pack and set up.

100 Night Hassle-Free Returns

Innovative design and development have come together to create one of the most amazing foam mattresses on the planet. So why not take it for a dream drive? We offer a 10 year limited warranty and a 100 night hassle-free return policy in case it’s not for you. But after a great night’s sleep, we hope you’ll wake up and decide it’s definitely a keeper.

Proudly made right here in the usa

Coddle sleep products are designed and manufactured right here at home in the USA. We’re happy about that and think you will be too.
  • Total Body Support & Comfort : 4 Layers of Proprietary Memory Foam for the perfect balance between soft and supportive
  • Dual-Core Technology Foam core providing optimal support for both sides
  • 3 Zone Total Body Support Design with expertly designed contour nodes
  • Edge Rails for side to side support
  • Temperature and pressure stable materials that remain the same feel and support regardless of environmental changes
  • 5 Cooling Stages: Breathable Open Cell Foam Technology
  • Super Plush Coconut Infused Memory Foam on Side 1
  • Medium Firm plush CoolBlue Foam on side 2
  • Air Channels through Dual-Core tech
  • High definition fabric cover design for additional cooling
  • Ultimate Convenience and Confidence: 10 Year Limited Warranty
  • 60 Day free returns
  • Arrives in a box
  • Vacuum sealed and easy to set up
  • Removable and machine washable fabric cover
  • Long Life : Double sided effectively doubling the life of the mattress
  • Truly double sided and adapts to your changing needs and avoiding returns
  • 100 Mornings trial
  • free delivery
  • Flexible financing

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