pixel platform bed


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general:   94.9″L  x  73.2″W  x  30″H

headboard height: 30″


Seating load weight capacity: 500lbs


1 Power outlet and 2 USB ports in both sides of headboard


general:   94.9″L  x  89″W  x  30″H

headboard height: 30″


Seating load weight capacity: 500lbs


1 Power outlet and 2 USB ports in both sides of headboard

Our fabrics are built to last!
All our fabrics are woven to precise standards for color fastness, abrasion, inerrant stain resistance and safety.
They’re also resistant to pilling, mold and mildew and impervious to attacks by moths, silverfish and insect pests.
Here are some recommendations to care for and extend the life of your Coddle product.

Avoid Heat!
Take care to avoid touching external walls or radiators to avoid moisture build up and scorch marks.
Avoid Direct Sunlight
The UV rays will fade any colored fabric so keep them out of direct sunlight whenever possible.
Vacuum Regularly!
Dust is a long-term villain to woven fabrics. Over time it works its way into each and every fiber, which leads to a breakdown of the fabric. So, extend the life of your couch by regular low suction vacuuming.
If this does occur, we recommend a simple battery operated pilling tool.

Spot Cleaning Coddle Fabrics
Coddle Fabrics inherent stain resistance allows easy removal for most stains from non liquid repellent treated fabric.

Treat spills and stains as soon as possible. Gently scrape any soil or mop any liquid from the surface.
Always apply cleaning agents to a clean cloth first, not directly to the fabric surface. This method will help prevent channeling of stains into the fabric textures or patterns.
Use warm water and non-toilet soaps which do not contain optical brighteners; like Velvet Soap, Lux Flakes, or Softly. Mix a small amount of soap and warm water and apply to the stain, rubbing gently. Blot dry with a clean towel. Apply cold water and blot dry again. Then with a hairdryer working outward from the center of the stain, dry quickly to prevent rings forming. For the best results, consider cleaning whole panels of fabric this way
Once residual stains have been removed, deodorize the affected area to remove any lingering odors. Then re-apply fabric protector to restore any liquid repellency lost during stain removal.

A modern platform design

New from the Coddle Design lab is our sleek, modern platform bed from ‘Pixel’. Contemporary design meets space maximizing functionality with our signature power and USB ports on both sides, luxurious and versatile fabrics a generous frame and simple unpacking and assembly.

Fabric designed for real life

Carefully created fabrics will look good for months and years to come. Coddle textiles offer great character and style, soft touch as well as spin and abrasion resistance. They’re easy to clean too – check out our fabric care guide here.

Power up while you power down

We’ve thoughtfully added our signature power and USB to help avoid cables stringing across the room and maintain tidy and mindful spaces.

Quality Build and Easy Assembly

The Coddle Design Lab has developed a bed that is incredibly well made, with the highest quality materials and is a cinch to assemble. Delivered right to your door you can be set up and horizontal in minutes.
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  • Flexible financing

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