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toggle - Ilja S

was looking for a convertible sofa and being a picky person it took me over a month to pick the one I really like. After checking out over 500 couches my choice fell on Toggle couch. It was really what I wanted. Though, I wasn't sure if buying from some company that I never heard of was a good idea but since they had a 90 days return policy I gave it a try and I'm glad I did. Now I understand why they made this offer. Because the couch is so good that I can't think of a single reason why one would want to return it. I even got a mattress for it from Coddle as well which is also fantastic. Even the packaging reminds me of how startup do it - unique with superb quality and by the way looks waaay better in person! I was simply amazed and will be recommending this company to anybody who is shopping for a couch! Thank you for such a great product!
To those who say they saw the same looking couch at Costco I will say this. The next day after I purchased from Coddle I went to Costco and saw this cheap replica. I tried sitting on it, feeling it and it was like sitting of a pallet wrapped with a rag. What a joke. Seriously? Some people need a reality check. You are shopping in a wrong department because Coddle couched represent quality, durability, style and comfort.
toggle convertible couch

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