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This is where the magic happens. And with the Coddle sleep system, it happens every night and every morning. It consists of our hand-crafted, upholstered Pixel platform bed and our ingenious 11″ double-sided mattress, gravity and temperature-neutral for the perfect balance of comfort and support. Our pillow was designed to relieve pressure from the neck, and a result – your spine. The pinnacle of 21st century sleep science for maximizing restful slumber.


platform bed


New from the Coddle Design lab is our sleek and modern platform bed, ‘Pixel’. Contemporary design meets space-defining functionality equipped with our signature power and USB ports for convenience. Luxurious and versatile fabrics on a generous and comfortably padded frame: simple elegance and an even simpler assembly.



Our Coddle 11” double-sided mattress is continually aware of you and your environment, and responds with the balance that deep rest requires. Body temperature, room temperature, your anatomy and the force of gravity are all taken into account. This is true innovation, not a me-too mattress.


couch topper

Our 3” memory foam topper transforms your couch into a super supportive, comfortable and luxurious bed. Go from sitting and relaxing to reclining and falling into a beautiful sleep.



Sink deep into this thoughtfully crafted single-piece of Italian Memory foam pillow, infused with natural coconut. Designed to be temperature and pressure-neutral, this anti-microbial pillow retains consistent support for your sleep and keeps you comfortable in any climate. 

"A sleek Mad Men style that pays homage to mid-century chic, along with extremely modern details"

"Treat yourself to something nice"

"It’s so comfortable! And the many possible positions makes the couch very fun for couples."

"The Best ‘Bed in a Box’ Mattress"

"You’ll never need to get up for anything"

"Just amazing"

"an excellent balance of comfort and support"


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