10 Insanely Uncomfortable Couches – and One Super-Sweet Seat

Humankind has achieved so many great things – fire, the wheel, Beyonce’s Super Bowl halftime show – so why is it so hard to create a couch that’s so comfy, you just want to live there and Postmates everything for the rest of eternity?

As these photos show, history is littered with major sofa fails. Take a look, and give thanks that you are alive in the modern era, when Gjemeni has created a super-cushy and chic couch that changes positions as effortlessly as Kylie changes her look.

[ux_gallery ids=”3468,3469,3470,3471,3472,3473,3474,3475,3476,3477,3478″ type=”slider-full” text_bg=”rgba(39, 33, 33, 0.68)”]

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